Calafia Cafe

Calafia Cafe

Calafia is located inside the Town & Country Village, across the street from UC Stanford, in Palo Alto.

This restaurant is a great compromise when dining with non-vegetarians because the menu is split 50%-50%, one half vegetarian the other half meat eaters. All ingredients are sourced locally and organically as often as possible. There are quite a few vegan options on the menu and they’ve happily accommodated requests to make something vegan (when realistic, of course). We’re fans of the Vegan Love Plate, Wakame Salad and the Vegetable Soy Lentil Quinoa BurgerĀ (lettuce cups instead of brioche bun). While it may be on the comfort food end of the health spectrum, Calafia really knows how to make delicious vegetarian food.

The ambiance is warm and comforting. It’s best to dine early because this place is really popular and get’s crowded after 6:30 or so. We’ve waited for 30-45 minutes at peek hours. I would also avoid letting them seat you in the market side, the service isn’t as good.

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